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Popeyes by jedo
Right-most fella is a literal copy of a pic found on google. The others were structured from my own mind for the most part.
Bonnie by jedo
A Bonobo named Bonnie.
Drawn for an anthropology assignment.
Kinda assed up the actual implementation of the assignment, but I don't mind too much the looks of this thing.
Designation: Trike-Nee

Appearance: A fairly small bot, about the same size as his alt mode except a bit taller. Red in most places. Moves on three
large wheels connected 2 knees forward 1 knee back. Black tires and pelvis(tricycle seat.) His head is fairly skull-shaped,
with headlight-looking eyes that protrude slightly
from the sockets. Yellow irises. He has three triangular spikes protruding from the central longitude at the back of his head.
Handlebars protrude from the back of his arms, kinda like human shoulder blades, except they crop out like wings.

Alt Mode: A tricycle.

Weapon(s): An energy dagger--capable of cutting through most of the components transformers are made of.

Universe: Animated

Primary Class Function: Frontliner

Secondary Class Function:N/A

Subroutine Function: Pretty speedy. Sometimes honks the horn on his right handlebar for comedic timings, because he's that cool.
Kicks people when they're down if he can get away with it.

Personality: Loyal to the Decepticon cause to an extent. He would be among the first to squeal in any tortuous experience.
Likes to put up a strong front of decepticon-itude, and he even believes that he would be strong under pressure, but no.
No, he is not strong under pressure. In fights he zips under enemies, and tries slicing them at basal areas--weak points
the loss of which would likely send the target falling.

Reason for Joining: Not really skilled in any meaningful way, so he just kind of fell into it.

Other: A fictional inspiration for him would be Nobby Nobbs from Discworld.

Datapad: Decepticon Nation - Trike-Nee's Datapad+Trike-Nee's Data Pad+

Profile -
Class - Frontliner
Rank - (1.1) 
Battle Stars 
INT: Star!
STR: Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!
SPE: Star!Star!Star!
DEF: Star!


Current Credits: 
For :icondecepticon-nation:


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John Surname
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: Texas
Favourite genre of music: Fast-paced music fit for Action-Sequences
Because I am always caught in the middle of a major-motion picture sequence, you see.
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish

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